Why the man never returned to the moon after the 1972 that happened?

Why hasn’t man stepped on the moon again since 1972? And what happened to the secret space program?
As early as the 1950s, people had the technology to build giant spaceships and space stations. They were eventually built, according to whistleblower William Tompkins . But the official record is that we haven’t been to the moon since 1972. Why not? What happened to the secret space program? Why haven’t humans been back to the moon since 1972?

William Tompkins played an important role in the secret space program. The same people who developed the technology for space travel and spacecraft in the 1950s. Tompkins also played an important role in the development of the Apollo and Saturn moon landing programs. Even, long before the program was officially launched and NASA was formed.

Kurt Debus, Wernher von Braun and the paper clip project

NASA actually started with Project Paperclip . As a result, the NASA organization was heavily influenced by the Nazis and their ideology. Kurt Debus and Wernher von Braun are responsible.

Both were Nazis who served in the SS during World War II. After World War II, many famous German scientists and engineers came to the United States and other countries through the paper clip project. NASA was established in 1958. Von Braun, who had developed the German V2 rocket as an advanced weapon for Hitler, was in charge of the Apollo moon landing program .

At the time, von Braun still wore a swastika belt on his sleeve. The American flag at NASA’s high-security base in Huntsville, Alabama also features swastikas. This alone leads to the conclusion that while Germany lost World War II, the Nazis were never defeated. Because the Paperclip project isn’t about a bunch of techies getting permission from Nazi Germany to start a new life somewhere else. On top of that, many Nazis emigrated from Germany. Most of these high-level individuals were part of the SS in Germany and maintained that level while developing the Apollo Saturn V spacecraft, which was commissioned to put man on the moon.

Foundation of the Fourth Reich

William Tompkins says that only 5% immigrate to the United States. The largest Nazi group heads to Antarctica. There the Nazis founded the Fourth Reich and continued their ideology and secret space program. They settled in caves under the ice . Ninety percent of the spacecraft developed in underground bases during World War II were shipped to Antarctica before the end of the war. Antarctica is renamed New Berlin .

The spacecraft that works there may even be hundreds of years ahead of the rest of the world in terms of technology. The organization’s activities are not officially recognized or supervised by any government or world organization. That’s why we’re talking about wrecking crews, completely removed from any mundane oversight.

Highjump Expedition by Admiral Byrd

After World War II, a US Navy military expedition led by Admiral Richard Byrd was sent to Antarctica. It was the largest naval operation ever undertaken. 400 sailors participated. They took the entire fleet, including aircraft carriers, helicopters and seaplanes, to Antarctica: “Clean up the mess there,” William Tompkins said in an interview with Kerry Cassidy.

The expedition was called the ” High Jump ” and was aimed at freeing some of the prisoners there and bombarding the base. However, the Nazis had UFOs and other advanced combat weapons . Within 20 minutes, the entire fleet, including planes and helicopters, was destroyed. Admiral Byrd and Chester Nimitz (Chief of Naval Operations) took off with their tails between their legs and never returned. Tompkins compares it to NASA’s lunar missions: I mean, it’s like going to the moon and never wanting to go back there.

Tompkins’ involvement in NASA’s Apollo lunar mission

When NASA was working on the Apollo moon landing program, but was unsuccessful, William Tompkins received a telepathic request to improve the existing project. He made many adjustments to the technical design and the development protocols to be followed. His Nordic secretary had arranged for Tompkins to submit a proposal to NASA. He went to NASA with a 180 centimeter model to show von Braun and Debs his idea. William Tompkins said in an interview with Kerry Cassidy that he was convinced that Nordic aliens had given him free access to a NASA base through mind control.

At that point, he was able to drive the truck to the base without any issues or security checks. Keep in mind that this is one of the most secure military bases in the United States! The soldiers helped carry the model inside without even asking questions. After the presentation and many subsequent discussions, NASA decided to adopt all the adaptations proposed by William Tompkins. This ultimately led to a successful mission to fly to the moon. Mission that NASA had not achieved until then. Back in Douglas, Tompkins was fired from there for acting without permission.

Huge spaceships were sighted there. The ships were parked on the rim of the crater. Sketch by William Tompkins based on what he saw in live NASA images.

The landing on the moon

According to William Tompkins, the eventual moon landing was very different from the official story . Neil Armstrong and his crew landed on the moon aboard Apollo. On the way, they came across a huge spaceship that almost crashed. It turned out to be an enemy ship. Once they landed at a pre-selected spot in the crater, they were surrounded by seven huge spacecraft parked on the rim of the crater. The uniformed Draco generals came out and stood under their vehicles. There were hundreds of them and the situation was very tense. According to Tompkins, Neil Armstrong’s first words on the moon were: “Sir, you must see these…they’re big. They threaten us.” According to Tompkins, Neil Armstrong also filmed the Draco reptilian space fleet , according to Stanley.

William Tompkins was able to follow the live images as they arrived at NASA. The general public has never seen the actual image . Before placing the American flag on the surface of the moon, they first placed the Masonic flag and a banner with the Masonic emblem on the moon. Only then was the American flag put up. This part of the audio and images on the moon were never broadcast .

Draco takes control of the secret space program

However, the Draconian message is clear: they are not welcome on the Moon . The plan to build a large space station on the moon had to be abandoned. After a few missions to the moon, only a few rocks were collected and photographed, and the Apollo lunar program was over. That means thousands of engineers will be laid off and millions of Americans will lose income, since many utilities are directly or indirectly involved in trips to the moon. NASA has not been back to the Moon since 1972 .

Tompkins’ story shows that a moon base for 10,000 people was eventually built. He also corroborates the claims of other SSP informants that there have been secret bases on Mars for decades. It seems that Draco confiscated ideas and designs from Douglas’s think tank and used them for his own agenda, including building space stations for alien trade. These are probably now in the hands of the NS-SS (Secret Space Program) program, which until recently was still under Draco’s control.

Kerry Cassidy has interviewed a number of whistleblowers who have reported on this secret space program, including Randy Cramer and Mark Richards. Former Marine Randy Cramer, also known as Captain Kaye, claims that there has been a secret colony on Mars since 1975. Like Tompkins, he has received permission to publish his story. Apparently, there is a legal clause that allows them to opt out of their contract and confidentiality agreement in certain circumstances, such as high treason. In a panel with Randy Cramer, Simon Parkes says that there are “external influencers” who have more or less forced disclosure. According to him, they have told the US government that if they do not handle the disclosure themselves, they will be forced to.

In the latter case, they have no control over how this process unfolds. Because of this, more and more stories about the secret space program are now coming to light. According to Simon Parkes, there is also a disclosure deadline and he believes that it will eventually be done through official channels.

Stories about the secret space program are so far removed from the official accounts of public space and existing technologies that the whistleblower stories sound like a weird sci-fi story. Despite this, Kerry Cassidy confirms that her claims are very similar and also agrees with William Tompkins’ statement. Perhaps the truth is rarer than science fiction .

What does NASA say about why it has never returned to the moon

NASA also spoke out about the reason why they have never returned to the moon again, oh at least that’s what they don’t say. For NASA, the arrival of man on the moon was a historic leap for humanity. Words that were said by Neil Armstrong, who was the first human to set foot on the moon, on July 21, 1969, during the Apollo 11 mission.

However, after this mission, the Apollo program invested millions of dollars and employed thousands of people. All for technical improvements to their ships and all future projects. The truth is that 53 years have passed since humans first set foot on the Moon. Since then, several missions to the Moon have been carried out. But neglected. So NASA ended up saying, with the missions that have been sent to the moon, they’ve collected enough evidence that they haven’t done the research yet. Also, they added, if there is enough technology, it is possible to send an unmanned spacecraft to the moon and collect the necessary information. So why put the lives of our astronauts at risk? Pointing that out doesn’t mean they won’t return to the moon, as there is actually a mission, supposedly manned.

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