Was there extraterrestrial contact in ancient times?

According to many ancient stories and myths where they clearly say that aliens visited us a long time ago.
At the same time that we assume a claim to heavenly messengers or divine beings, an alien vision might have motivated our convictions and directed our improvement in the furthest artifact. Essentially that can be reasoned from the investigation of specific messages and archaeological antiquities that we discuss below.

Egypt has given us the longest and most extravagant development of the entire existence of humanity. From 3100 BC to 30 BC, the Nile nation knew 30 traditions and 170 pharaohs. 3,000 years of brilliant history that Egyptologists have divided into three incredible domains: Ancient, Middle and New. However, what can be said about the above?

According to the Turin Canon, Egypt was long ruled by a species of semi-divine beings known as the Shemsu-Hor.

The answer is found in the Museum of Turin (Italy), where 160 sections of a papyrus known as the Turin Canon are preserved. It is an extravagant account of rulers, found in 1822 in ancient Thebes. Although the popular Champollion, considered the father of Egyptology, immediately perceived its importance, current analysts relegate the list to a mere legend. Because? For the record alludes to the fact that, early on, Egypt was administered for a considerable time by a gathering of creatures, half men, half something else, whom it calls Shemsu-Hor, the companions of Horus.

Who were these puzzling Shemsu-Hor? A few 5th Dynasty pictographs found at Sakkara allude to them as “the twinkling ones” or “the twinkling ones”, an unusually common heading in different societies to refer to divine beings who descended from the stars and formed people.

Humanity could have had some kind of contact with extraterrestrial civic establishments in the distant past.


All ancient religions tell us about some kind of divine beings coming from heaven, who would have interceded in the formation of people and would have accompanied us throughout all time… the proof of their presence lives in every text that specified, in every religion that worships them, in every stone we erect in their honor and, amazingly, in the remains of our predecessors… assuming the person came to live with an extraterrestrial race before, is there evidence of it spread throughout the world? all the planet?

Unfortunately, before we do not have cables or lights that decide the use of energy, nor coordinated circuits, nor modern innovations that discover a level of complexity inappropriate for the time. We also have no idea how, without these innovations, certain milestones and developments that are scattered around the world could have been assembled.

Could the divine figure that Julius Caesar experienced by the Rubicon River have been a being from a different universe?


Moreover, it was this darkness that Erich von Däniken, Peter Krassa, Peter Kolosimo and many others used to defend during the 1970s the probability that humanity was educated by creatures from different planets. The thought captivated an entire era until disbelief negatively affected society.

The truth is that there were decorations in the event that superficial examinations were not made. Däniken himself acknowledged this years later, but did that discredit the conceits of him around the world? No, at all. Also, I’m not saying it, NASA itself hints at it in a semi-secret report openly accessible on the Internet entitled Unidentified Flying Objects in Classical Antiquity. Its creator, esteemed space expert Richard B. Stothers, presents a cautious selection of reports on strange flying quirks from reliable recorded sources such as history students Titus Livy and Plutarch. In any case, I found it very surprising that the United States space office believes that a portion of these quirks are identical to advanced UFO sightings.

Looking at works, antiquities and archaeological information with heterodox eyes is not, then, at that point, the restrictive heritage of ufologists and, in that specific circumstance, some investigations of ancient texts become pertinent.

Assuming that Stothers’ report is correct and that the clipeis (fiery wards) alluded to by Pliny in 104 BC, or the divine figure experienced by Julius Caesar at the Rubicon River, are of a similar nature to those detailed after 1947, the onset of the UFO quirk would have to go back years and years.

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