The Story of the “Alien Who Was Buried” in a US Town.

Aurora was a rural town where there was nothing remarkable in Texas. However, on April 15, 1897, a mysterious ship crashed in the town.
Sometime in 1896 and 1897, newspapers in the United States began carrying strange headlines about abnormal ships flying in the skies. In any case, few know that one of these ships crashed in the small town of Aurora, where its alien pilot would be buried.

Aurora was a rural town where there was nothing momentous in Texas. However, according to the Dallas Morning News , on April 15, 1897, a strange UFO crashed at the location. To the astonishment of the witnesses, this vehicle was driven by an alien.

The ship had fallen on the house of a judge, causing a gigantic explosion that leveled a factory, the house, a water tank and the ship itself.

By the time the remaining parts were investigated by the inhabitants, they passed over an unusual metal that was extremely light, yet heavy. As they say, it appeared to be a mixture of aluminum and silver.

The report also says that the pilot of the boat was found dead. There was no description of the body, other than a small humanoid creature they called “the Martian.”

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