The mysterious lights on the Moon: an unsolved mystery.

Our moon has been surrounded by a specific supernatural quality that has kept us bound since ancient times.
Various legends across societies have sprung around this glittering ball on high, and ever since, peculiar stories and legends have floated towards it.

One extremely inquisitive secret that has surrounded the Moon for quite some time is the bewildering lights that often dapple its surface and for which we have no answer.

The peculiarity known as “Transient Lunar Phenomenon” (TLP) incorporates the repetitive perception of strange flashes of light on the lunar surface, and they can take on many structures.

In some cases they manifest as a kind of cloudiness or bright spot, while others may just be a tone adjustment of the surface, splendorous region of the district, and, surprisingly, more amazing are passing flashes or long-lasting light marks on star-shaped with changing power, as well as the bright, glowing lights that can last from minutes to hours, often red or pink in color.

At this point, the Moon is still shining as often as possible, shining bright around sunset time, and we have no clue why. Is it a characteristic quirk, abnormal, or a combination of both? We don’t know any more now than we did a long time ago, and it remains just one of the Moon’s many secrets.

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