NASA scientist proposes that aliens have already visited us.

Although NASA never tires of sending missions to search for extraterrestrial life, one of its researchers imagines that creatures from other worlds have already been here.
In other exploratory work, Professor Silvano P. Colombano , a PC researcher at NASA’s AMES Research Center, claims that acute life may not depend on the building blocks usually associated with life, such as carbon.

“I just have to highlight how the knowledge we find that may decide to track us (if it hasn’t currently tracked us) might not have been created by carbon-based organic entities like us,” he writes in Article.

In any case, in the event that some aliens are not carbon based, what? “In fact, there are a large number of conceivable outcomes.”

“Our future would not currently be an imperative (although even with these you can do multi-generational missions or benefit from suspended vivacity), and the size of the ‘pioneer’ could be tiny, being an unintelligent substance,” he clarifies.

The professor further proposes that aliens likely created an innovation that is beyond human ability to understand, subsequently making interstellar travel conceivable.

“If we take into account these suspicions about the higher types of knowledge and their gigantic mechanical development, some of them may fit into specific speculations, which would prompt a more genuine examination in such a way,” he continues.

“Considering that the mechanical advance of our own civilization began around 10,000 years earlier and has just achieved an improvement in logical technique in the 500 years since, we can reason that we have a genuine problem in anticipating what will happen in the next thousand years or 6 million times that number!”

Professor Colombano, who is a doctor of biophysical sciences, has further said that “few of all the strange UFO findings can be clarified or denied.”

Other things being equal, he suggests considering all the evidence regarding an announced case before adhering to the true clarifications that, many times, do not consider them as they should.

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