NASA Photographed a Gigantic “White Tower” on the Moon.

Some scientists have claimed that the structures found on the Moon follow a clever geometric pattern.
Some individuals claim that the designs found on the Moon follow a mathematical example, as if they had been placed there by wise creatures.

During the Apollo 16 mission, conducted in mid-April 1972, space travelers took many photos of the lunar surface.

In one of them, a peculiar white and sweet design or pinnacle can be clearly seen, which does not seem, by all accounts, a deformation or inconsistency in the visual shot.

The overwhelming white fulcrum design would be at a level of about 8 kilometers and would be situated within a small trench on the lunar surface.

Near this point of support, we can also see an octagonal lunar hole with a pyramidal design more than a kilometer high.

“The pinnacle, or fulcrum, and apparent pyramid, taken by the Apollo 16 mission, are clear evidence that most Apollo missions were set up primarily to take a close look at exterior designs on the Moon.”

In another rare NASA photograph from the Apollo 16 mission, numerous strange surface features are shown in a specific region of the Moon.

Some of which, when they appear, seem in all probability to show satellite dishes, while another seems to show urban communities of aliens on the far side of the Moon.

UFO specialists have long thought that to be sure there is an outsider put together or even ground stations with respect to the Moon equipped with reception cables for broadcast communications.

Some of the NASA photographs and films have been “spilled” forever by the space office itself to hide from the public an extraterrestrial reality that is currently clear to the point that it currently cannot be hidden with such a trick.

Whether in space or on other celestial bodies, the presence of so-called UFO curiosities is clear to such an extent that every day, regardless of NASA’s need for it, even novice cosmologists manage to capture compelling images of them.

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