Lemuria the lost continent and the battles of the lemurians.

According to Hawaiian legends, the Lemurians took refuge under huge volcanic caves to flee from the war and in that huge network of caves there are secrets.
During the ice age 20,000 years before Christ (20,000 BC), in an era when the level of evil was 120 meters less than the current one, it created gigantic land masses until it melted 12,000 years ago when they began to disappear, remaining under the rising ocean surface.

According to experts, it is very possible that these tracts of land were home to many lost civilizations of which we never had records, civilizations that could have been intelligent. According to David Childress, author of the book Technology of the gods , there are more than 200 submerged cities in the Mediterranean alone.

In the 4th century BC, Plato wrote about Atlantis, a city that was submerged at the bottom of the ocean. Many people believe this story and it has been the subject of cartoons, movies, and plays.

But it is said that there is a lost continent that existed along with Atlantis and that is the dominant one in the Hawaiian stories. lemuria

Lemuria was located in the South Pacific and it is believed that it connected with the Hawaiian Islands, it was said that it was a great land bridge. In the traditions Lemuria was a very extraordinary great civilization before it was sunk in the depths of evil. Some say that Hawaii is a surviving fragment of the vast expanse of land of Lemuria.

According to legend, before the two continents were trapped in the flood due to the rise of evil at about 120 meters, Lemuria and Atlantis went to war. It is said that this war was the destruction of Lemuria and that its inhabitants were forced to take refuge under a system of underground caverns. These caverns are actually large lava tubes that are connected throughout the volcanic islands in Hawaii, it is worth mentioning that some locals think that these tubes or underground caverns are still inhabited by Lemurians.

Some local scientists and locals think that there are many technological secrets in those caves. According to the Hawaiian legend, those tubes where the Lemurians hid to hide from the war with those of Atlantis contain many secrets and that it was also the home of other races that arrived from other planets in invisible portals that are hidden within that network of tunnels.

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