In China, A Mysterious Sign Appeared On The Lake Out Of Nowhere.

A sign of aliens, called “crop circles” appeared in a lake in China.
To the astonishment of the local inhabitants, on April 12, on the south side of Qinghai Lake , they found a mysterious figure, whose presence no one could make sense of, neither scientists nor elders.

The drawing is huge, about 100 meters in size, and it is not clear how it appeared here, nor what this message implies, regardless of its provenance.

Most authorities on the matter would agree that something like this could have been accomplished using, say, a helicopter, however no aircraft have been found in this high-sloping region for quite some time, including UFOs, which suggests that the figure was drawn by an alien.

Qinghai Lake is the largest in China. Located in the territory of Qinghai, in an endorheic basin, Qinghai Lake is classified as a saline and alkaline lake.

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