Could there be an alien race that wants to feed on our planet?

Could an extraterrestrial civilization exist in the vast universe that feeds on other planets like ours?
The extraterrestrial society Seres Lux, is one of the extraterrestrial races that must be one of the most destructive and dangerous for humanity, since for example they do not need a real body to enter and move unreservedly in our reality.

That is the reason why they have been called Lux ​​Beings, since they resemble a fire and appear as a small child, being a strange bright being that has a workforce that is actually infinitely annoying, which is that they can appear inside of the person, body and apply a kind of command over it.

Could a parasitic extraterrestrial society ever be born?

Humanity is made up of 3 components, these are the mind, soul, and body, so the body is filled as a sort of holder for the other 2, however these alien creatures are only framed by 2 of these components and it would be the see any problem and the soul. , being analyzed in many events as some kind of otherworldly energy.

The Beings of Lu x, is a transforming plasma that parasitically involves about 80% of the number of inhabitants on our planet, which shows that these creatures are a kind of plasma, and in this way the gas is called composed of charged particles of free particles. in which its elements have long-range electromagnetic cooperation with each other.

It is believed that these creatures come from the nebular region of our system, in which they have the essential components, and that implies that it is matter and antimatter of some kind, so the association between these components makes a kind of structure of life. sharp that you don’t need to bother with a real body.

What gives this extraterrestrial society the personality of a parasite is that once it claims the real body, it is equipped to drain all energy, much like an evil growth, which for arbitrary reasons consumes any kind of extraterrestrial power. or mental that that body may have.

Could this race be located at some point on our planet?

For quite some time this channel of energy slipped through us, eventually establishing a cooperative relationship with its host, where the beneficiary in his need for information about the Universe allowed the Lux to have the body to depend on a physical mediator.

The Lux has held humanity under its influence for millennia, contributing to the formation of societies, races and religions. Tell us in the comments your opinion about it, could you at some point make it known if an individual is affected by this element or on the contrary in the event that you do not really accept that this breed exists? Leave us your comment.

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