British media confirm that Russian child could be part of the Martian air force.

This would be a really rare case where the person provides proof that they really came from Mars, although it could also be a case of insanity at an early age.
A Russian boy has shocked the world by claiming to be part of the Martian Air Force. Surprisingly, some of the statements he made at 11 were true.

The case is being studied. Boriska Kipriyanovich , a Russian boy born in 1996, claimed to be a pilot for the Mars Air Force in many interviews. This is not something strange for a child with a rich imagination. The interesting thing is that he also improved the effective knowledge of astrophysics today.

His story began in 2007, when Boriska began to give interviews in which he claimed that he was from Mars and that his mission was to save the inhabitants of Earth . Scientific researchers describe him as an extremely shy young man with an intelligence beyond all standards. His excellent knowledge of planetary systems baffled all the experts.

He knows a lot about astronomy, not to mention that he is only an 11-year-old boy, and he says that he met many planets when he was a pilot in the Mars Air Force. Undoubted are his qualities of genius, and according to his mother, at the age of two he could already read, and at three he could already speak about the universe and the multitude of planets that exist. It was at this age that he already claimed to have Martian ancestry. Boriska pointed out that his cities on Mars have megalithic structures, their inhabitants can measure up to 7 meters tall and more beings from other worlds.

The Russian boy who lost track

Boriska provides a lot of information that is far from being verifiable, at least at a scientific level, but at the same time provides data and knowledge that, 14 years later, some data have recently been corroborated. Boriska Kipriyanovich’s best recording is part of Project Camelot, where Boriska explains complex astrophysical equations in use today.

After confirming some of the information he provided, the search for Boriska, 25, began. Only one recent photo could be found. His location is a mystery and only rumors exist; him living low in a Russian city or being detained by the Kremlin.

According to the British outlet The Sun, Boriska stated that life on our planet will be turned upside down when “the secrets of the Great Sphinx in Giza are finally unlocked.” In addition, he gave hints as to where the opening mechanism might be hidden. Just as he said, it would be somewhere behind the ear of the famous monument located in Egypt.

“Human life will change when the Sphinx opens, it has an opening mechanism somewhere behind the ear; I don’t remember exactly,” Boriska explained to the Daily Mail.

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