Area 51 in China? They Discover a “Secret Base” With Google Earth.

Thanks to Google Earth, a secret base in China similar to Area 51 was found. What is China hiding?
Area 51 is one of the biggest secrets in Ufology, however, it seems that this is not the only facility that keeps secrets in the world. What is China hiding?

According to several specialists, China also has a base that could house high-ranking mysteries . The base was found thanks to Google Earth.

Area 51 in China

Scott C. Waring , the debatable specialist, handed over photos of what could be a mysterious Chinese military installation. The area is in the desert on the border with Mongolia, in the territory of Gansu.

That is what the researcher guarantees, within the photos shown by Google satellites, you can see a ship. This one is wingless and totally black, which would make it a mystery project.

It is conceivable that it is an observation vehicle. Due to its size, it could equally well be a monitored transport or a huge robot. According to Waring’s assessments, it would be associated with 10 meters in length.

The video was distributed on the ET Data Base channel, represented by a considerable authority on the U̳F̳O̳ quirk, where he explained the following:

“I guess I found an army facility in C̳h̳i̳n̳a̳ which is by all accounts what could be compared to Area 51. And, most surprisingly, I found a mysterious plane I’ve never seen.

Are they working with alien technology?

Thanks to the advantages provided by the Google application, you can see the entrance to a base like Area 51. In addition, you can see the bird-like ship and then a ship with a measurement of more than 11 meters. .

The directions to look for in Google Earth are as follows: 40°25’43.88″N 99°50’47.40″E.

It is an obvious fact to anyone that, like other powers, the exponential growth of Chinese technology is gigantic. Is it possible that this came from reverse engineering at a facility like Area 51?

Of course, China, perhaps the greatest power on the planet and currently a rival to the United States, also has a mysterious base that it uses to house Alien technology.

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