Shocking evidence that humans have communicated with aliens

The ancient Mayans had territories from Mexico to El Salvador. The mighty Mayans became the dominant force in the region, building great cities, trade routes, temples, and majestic pyramids.

It is reported that the Mexican government has released artifacts and images discovered in the ruins of Calakmul in Mexico, which all prove the fact that humans have had contact with aliens.

The National Department of History and Anthropology (INAH) discovered beautiful disc-shaped rocks in Mexico.

This discovery has revealed the secret of Earth’s history that we humanity has been trying to hide.

According to the National Department of Historical and Anthropological Research, these stones were made by the Maya, and people discovered them about 80 years ago.

Klaus Dona and Dr Nassim Haramein shared pictures of some of the stones. On it are details related to aliens such as this circle depicting the earth and the atmosphere.

A flying saucer, a spaceship specially designed to hit or deflect comets, a smartly controlled spaceship.

Luis Augusto García Rosado, a senior Mexican government official, said: “There was contact between the Mayans and extraterrestrials, and there is evidence of some translation. But the government has brought the evidence. It’s been buried underground for a while.”

He even mentioned “There are several landing sites in the forest, most of which have a history of more than 3,000 years”.

Given the great progress of the Mayans, many researchers doubt whether the ancient Maya absorbed advanced knowledge of engineering, astronomy, and mathematics from another world?

The carved artifacts are thought to be ancient Mayans and are a sign of an ancient connection to extraterrestrials.

However, experts have criticized it as a sophisticated hoax.

However, such a strange artifact was not found only once. Over the years, archaeologists have found many strangely shaped Mayan artifacts that make us more suspicious.

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